why cold coffee is costlier than hot coffee?!

Question: Why cold coffee is costlier than hot coffee?
like cold coffee consumes energy to be cooled, hot coffee consumes energy to be heated, even then 'cold coffee is costlier than hot coffee'


that would be supply and demand, supply is labor intensive - serving 1 person at a time by a barista, so supply is slow, it is not like 3-1 instant coffee, which is machine made and thus, not labor intensive.

the other part is demand, there is higher demand for cold coffee than hot coffee.

so if you are the owner of this coffee business, having a high demand for a hard (labor intensive) thing to make, so you need to make the product a bit more expensive, than a product that few people wants - unless, the product is machine/ factory made

In both cases, you first need heat to create coffee. However, in the case of cold coffee, you also need the added step to cool the already hot coffee, thus yet even more energy.

Refrigeration cost is more than the heating cost.

maybe it's more tasty

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