how to make a white peppermint mocha from starbucks?!

Question: How to make a white peppermint mocha from starbucks?
okay so, Im in love with white peppermint mocha's. I go to starbucks about twice a week just to get one. I want to know how to make one instead of always having my mom drive my up to starbucks.


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I don't know their exact recipe, but I used to be a barista. We would make the white peppermint mochas with just white chocolate and peppermint syrup. You can also make it with creme de menthe syrup, which is how I prefer it. Coffee syrups are usually available at grocery stores (expensive though) and the good prices and selection are at the cash & carry stores and restaurant supply places, etc. You can also order them online.

The amounts are as follows:

12oz drink gets 1oz total syrup, so half ounce of each. One ounce is two tablespoons, so you would use one Tbs peppermint syrup and one Tbs white chocolate sauce.

16oz gets 1.5 oz flavor
20oz gets 2oz flavor
24oz gets 2.5oz flavor

Then of course you brew your espresso and steam your milk, etc. It's hard if you don't have an espresso machine, but you can make a passable replacement by warming up some milk and mixing it with strong brewed coffee.

I actually have a tutorial posted on Squidoo about how to make homemade espresso drinks. I don't have one yet for hot drinks, but if you look here: you can learn how to make cold brewed coffee concentrate that you can use instead of espresso shots.

It takes about 1.5 ounce of Toddy to equal one espresso shot.

When I did my calculation I calculated that the average person who gets set up to make their own drinks at home would spend less than a dollar on the fancy blended drinks, so for a hot drink that would be even less.

Sorry if this is more info than you needed! but if you are curious check out the rest of the tutorial, it is a 5-part series and is especially focused on how to make iced & blended drinks, but like I said you can make a pretty decent replacement for a hot drink by using Toddy and heated up milk.


For a Grande White peppermint mocha it would be

Put in cup first.
4 pumps of white chocolate
4 pumps of Peppermint

Pull your shot and pour it into your cup. (if you have milk or flavoring in the cup it keeps the shot from going bad)
Pour Steamed milk into the cup.
Stir and put whip cream on top.

/used to work at starbucks

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