What Type of Tea do you like to drink?!

Question: What Type of Tea do you like to drink?
do u like lemon, green ect. i put 2 teaspoons of white sugar andna splash of lemon juice in my lemon tea what do u like best and how do u drink it ps its freezinnnnggg noww ugh


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I like most teas, but my fav is white tea with a tsp of buckwheat honey.

I only use loose leaf because it's fresher and has more flavor than any brand tea bag I've ever used.

I like black tea with two spoons of sugar. Sometimes, for a change, I'll drink mint, ginger, or another flavored tea--I'm a BIG fan of Earl Grey.

Sometimes I drink rooibos--African red tea. I like the taste, but it smells like pipe tobacco, which puts me off just a bit.

I also drink a number of herbal tisanes, which are sometimes called 'teas'. I'm very fond of chammomile and peppermint.

I love a good black tea (Hot) with some milk and sugar. It is very good. (Scottish blend, my favorite).. I work at a tea shoppe so I am around a lot of different types of tea, and have to say black with milk and sugar is still my favorite. There are some yummy black teas out there that are flavored already. Some I like are cinnamon, raspberry, and the vanilla. Some good green teas that are flavored are lemon, orange, and jasmine.

Peppermint tea, plain, with no milk or sweetener or lemon.

Oolong tea without any additions.

i really like lemon flavoring in my tea...i tend to drink green tea more often cuz i kno it increases ur metabolism which makes it sort of a natural weight loss thingy :)

Plain old-fashioned southern sweet tea

iced tea w/ some lemon, delicious!

I like twinnings rose tea and earl grey.

Hot English breakfast tea with milk and sugar.

bubble tea :D

apple! first tried it when i went too turkey it was lovely!

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