If I drink 10 5 hour energies then will I have 50 hours of energy?!

Question: If I drink 10 5 hour energies then will I have 50 hours of energy?
like 5 X 10 = 50 right?


Don't drink 10 all at one time. drink one then have another one in another 5 hours and so on. If you have all 10 at once that could be a problem.

no they only work for 10 hours straight. just because you drink five that dusnt mean that u can have a 50 hr energy drink. if that wuz possible you would see a bunch of 50 hr energy drinks. you need your sleep thats why there is no 50 hr energy drinks.

That may SEEM right, but it's completely wrong!
It doesn't quite work that way. If you need more energy, try to get more sleep!
Personally I wouldn't take any energy drinks but if you want/have to, try not to consume more than 2, and maybe that's too much, consult an physician.

If you drink ten 5-hour energies all you are likely to have is a myocardial infarction....

My husband had a heart attack from drinking 2 energy drinks so I wouldn't do it.



You would probably be dead--your body can't handle that much caffeine at one time.

i dont think so.


doesn't work that way.

i doubt it

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