So I gave up diet soda for lent?!

Question: So I gave up diet soda for lent?
And I don't drink regular so that's kind of a given

But anyways, I usually drink Splenda in my coffee. Should I give up that too, or just stick to diet soda? I usually drink it with 2, but I could just drink it with 1 instead. But if I don't put any Splenda in I just can't drink it, resulting in headaches and fatigue that stop me from focusing in class and in turn make my grades really drop. And I just can't go on a few forced gulps of coffee every day for 40 days. Diet soda I can definitely do without. Coffee with 1 less packet I can do without. But coffee with no Splenda I cannot. Still, I feel like there isn't much of a sacrifice in giving up diet soda if I still drink artificially sweetened beverages in general. What do i do?


Sounds like you are making a real sacrifice already by giving up soda. If you want to go one step further then that is up to you and your conscience. Splenda isn't good for you anyway. Now may be the time to go "cold turkey" and get the Splenda out of your system once and for all.
Man does not live by Splenda alone! I mean that there are other ways to deal with your coffee. For example I have a friend who uses honey. I've another who just won't use sugar (sweetener) at all. Firehouse black (coffee w/o sugar) is what coffee is all about anyway.
Hope you do well.
Kind regards,

I'm on the wagon for Lent and I've started running again.

If there is not much sacrifice, then what is the point? Your God is worth it. Remember, millions of Muslims don't eat or drink ANYTHING from sunrise to sunset during the month of Ramadan. Don't worry,the headaches will go away once the Splenda poison leaves your system.

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Good luck

Lent is kind of a personal thing, you are meant to feel some loss. There isn't much point in giving up something you don't really rely on? Isn't the point to rely on God instead?

Do what you feel is right.

give up everything, splenda, coffee, soda, and just drink water.

Drink it if you want.

whats the question

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