Is soda water good for health ?!

Question: Is soda water good for health ?
Is sodawater good for health i heard that it help us to burn our fats is it true


water is good for health. Most people drink soda water instead of cola as cola is bad for health because of lot of sugar content in it and also because it has lot of calories. Soda is an alternative to cola with no sugar and no calories

Water just isn't good for health it is essential for life. Adding carbonation to the water has no effect on its nutritive value.

Water is necessary for the proper functioning of the body and that includes the body's ability to convert food and stored fat into energy. The carbonation in soda water has no effect on this process.

It's good for MY health and I drink much more water every day because of it!
Flat water's OK but soda water and mineral water is delicious and refreshing.
It's good for digestion but I don't think it burns fat although I'd like to think so!

it doesnt nesecarialy burn fat but it better then other things you can drink but the best thing you can drink is plain water

Hi, Yes soda water is good for health but this is One time drink Everyday............

Yes water is always good for health.

yes,its good for health.

yes it is good for health


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