I spilt tea on my Iphone?!

Question: I spilt tea on my Iphone?
It was like a slow motion nightmare. I picked up the phone and wiped it off, it was fine, was working, making calls etc. the alarm sounds and ringtone works, however I have just noticed other sounds dont work like music ive got on there and game sound effects. help?????


When you spill anything on you phone you can wipe it off and put it in a bag with some rice to dry it out.

You need to take the battery out of it immediately!!! if its wet and has power running through it, it could damage the phones motherboard!! take the battery out and use a tupperware container this is better as more air tight with some rice in it. make sure the iphone i completely immersed. also if u want to excelerate the effectiveness off this u can put the container in the airing cupboard!!

hope this helps :)

Keep it in a sealed bag of rice for a while. Try to resist powering it up again until you know for sure that the entire thing is dry otherwise you may damage it more.

remove battery. Pu it in rice after that throw away rice.

Buy your phone a diaper to wear so it doesn't get wet

Put your phone in white rice for the night. It helps dry out the phone!

do not eat the rice when done!

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