Is the caffeine in decaf tea?!

Question: Is the caffeine in decaf tea?
Like any AT all, how much?


Caffeine Content Comparisons
Approximate caffeine content of various beverages: Milligrams of Caffeine:
Item Per
serving Range Per

Coffee (5 oz. cup) 80
Cola (12 oz. can) 45
Black Tea (one tea bag) 40
Oolong Tea (one tea bag) 30
Green Tea (one tea bag) 20
White Tea (one tea bag) 15
Decaf Tea (one tea bag) 2
Herbal Tea (one tea bag) 0 * Assumes 8 ounces of water per tea bag

some tea is decaffeinated with water. like green and black decaf teas. so there is very little trace amounts of caffeine in those products.

herbal teas like mint, hibiscus, fruit teas are non-caffeinated and have no caffeine in them.

the clue is in the name decaffinated

common sense

strike on mouth


Should not right.

the simple answer you're looking for is right here - No.

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