What Starbucks drink gives you the most energy/caffeine for your buck?!

Question: What Starbucks drink gives you the most energy/caffeine for your buck?
After a long all-nighter studying for finals I'm deciding to get another coffee (the first one I got twelve hours earlier, a latte, did **** to keep me awake). What do you recommend as a waker? Thanks very much :)

I hope i stay up....


Well, my brother always gets (in a grande cup) 4-5 shots of espresso, and then has the rest of the cup filled with Pikes Place coffee. Ask a barista when you go :)

I looked a similar question yesterday. during the process of trying to find the answer I ended up getting a free sample of Folgers Gormet Selections full range of ground coffee from http://www.allfreefolgersgourmetnetwork.tk!! mine is coming in 5 days and I'm loving it!!

Good luck and have a new phone

I think you shouldn't drink coffee or anything related to 'caffeine' even if it makes you stay awake... A healthy stuff like "Apples" would do ... You know, its a fact 'apples' keeps you awake longer than any coffee.....

Because the ingredients of their coffee are rich with caffeine. But it's delicious though .

The classic.

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