Do you think I'm weird because i don't like chocolate?!

Question: Do you think I'm weird because i don't like chocolate?
I don't get it. The student council was selling christmas chocolate (milk, mint, and white) lollipops to raise money. One of my friends offered me some chocolate i said i didn't want it because i hate it. Many people that day found out and they said i'm wierd or i'm not american. What do you think?


Haha, I wouldn't say you're not American. I've met a couple people who don't like chocolate. Personally, I love it, but hey, some don't. I understand!

Everyone has their own taste buds. I personally don't like chocolate unless I'm starving or just craving for something sweet. My friend loves Iced Tea, but I hate it. Lots of people have opinions. People judge on basically everything nowadays. Hair, size, clothing, eating habits, weight, skin color. Its the human mind sweety. Don't mind people. All that matters is what you like, and just be yourself.

Haha, I'm not laughing at you, just everyone else. Silly people...

Everyone has different tastes. For example, I love sushi, you might not... That doesn't make either of us weird.
It's the basics of life. I mean seriously, can you imagine a world where everyone likes the same exact things and everything else? Where's the fun in that?

I LOVE chocolate, and, no, I don't think you're weird :)

No, you have your own taste. I know some people who hate chocolate and sweets in general. My sister-in-law is actually allergic to chocolate and still eats it all the time in spite of getting rashes.

Its just who you are. Embrace it. Be yourself.


it is a little weird, but not weird enough to have people start gossiping about it (THAT'S weird). i do know a few perfectly 'american' people also hate chocolate, so not really, no.

Hey, I love chocolate. but some people don't. i'm american but i know plenty of other americans who dont like chocolate. so it OK. just say you prefer vanilla.

no there are many people that don't like chocolate including me and my mother, don't listen what their saying thy don't have the same taste buds as you everyone is different

Some people prefer candy over chocolate

everyone is different

No, That;s not an issue, Everyone has its likes and dislikes.
So it all depends on you.
Be what you are.

No, I don't think so. It's your choice.

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