Is Ovaltine supposed to taste a little sour/odd?!

Question: Is Ovaltine supposed to taste a little sour/odd?
It's my first time trying it. I'm used to Nesquick, but we only had Ovaltine and I know for sure the milk is fresh... the Ovaltine isn't new but I know it's not spoiled. Is it normal or is something wrong?


In my experience, yes, Ovaltine does have a slightly more sour flavour, I think this is due to the extra malt in it. But just to be sure, try it with some other milk.

Good luck!

Personal experience.

There is a regular chocolate Ovaltine and a chocolate MALT Ovaltine. Is the container orange or blue? Personally, I love the malt one. But i can see how it would taste a little sour.

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