How bad is coke (the drink) for you?!

Question: How bad is coke (the drink) for you?
I drink coke zero its like my treat i try to limit myself to one can a day but boy its hard especially on a hot day.


Well, it is common practice to use Coke to eat battery corrosion off car batteries....I think it could possobly be bad for you. :} any type of Coke

Coke Zero is actually even worse than regular due to all the filler ingredients.
I myself drink too much Dr Pepper but will typically re-hydrate with ice water.
One can always add some lime or lemon juice to add a little flavour !!

Live in a climate where it can get as high as 50C in summer

i love coke zero, but any diet soda apparently it is bad for you.
my doctor said, it causes problems later on in female lives and can affect growth during puberty.

Pop is the worst thing after cigarette. And not just for the sugar.

Regular coke helps your heart

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