Bad effects of too much tea?!

Question: Bad effects of too much tea?
I am currently addicted to citrus teas. Is there any side effects of drinking too much tea?


Tea contains caffeine, but it doesn't have a huge amount and you'd need to drink a lot of tea for it to be harmful. I have a page about how much caffeine is in tea if you are curious:…

There are a few other downsides to tea; it can inhibit iron absorption, so if you're at risk of being iron deficient you might want to be careful about drinking it before or with meals. I have a page about antioxidants in tea that explains this:…

Overall though, tea is good for you. Just listen to your body. If you feel bad after drinking a lot of tea, you're probably drinking too much. Each person is different, and only you can know what amount of tea is best for you!

No, tea doesn't have any harmful effects, in fact it's good for your health. Caffeine keeps you more awake and focused, and it can increase your life span. I know plenty of people addicted to tea (including my mom) who are quite healthy, my grandma was also addicted to tea, and she lived a long and healthy life and died at 100years.

Not good on your kidneys but best to google this. But, don't believe everything you read either. Try a Green Citrus Tea.

Too much caffeine.


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