What's you're favorite soda?!

Question: What's you're favorite soda?
I know alot of people like coke but i think it's to sweet and don't like it. My favorites dr pepper. Whats yours?



then Mt. Dew
both are almost tied.

I actually do not like a lot of soda. Aside from those two, orange soda is the only other one I can tolerate. Forget root beer, waaay too sweet and Dr. pepper just tastes terrible to me, but is my husband's second favorite after the Dew!

I like Mr. PIBB Dr. Pepper, Dr. Thunder, and MountainDew

Coca Cola Zero, Seriously


Vanilla coke, then cherry coke.

Sunkist Orange. I think its the best ever.
second is Mountain Dew (its really close)


try Cheerwine from North Carolina.


1 Mountain Dew and #2 Peach Faygo

7up is awsome

I love Coke Zero and Diet Coke with real lime juice squeezed in!

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