I feel a similar taste to cigarettes when i drink coffee, is there a common ingredient?!

Question: I feel a similar taste to cigarettes when i drink coffee, is there a common ingredient?

They both leave me with an acidy aftertaste. It might be what you are tasting. Or it can be the after taste of the roasted coffee beans and the charred tobacco, leaving a roasted/burnt taste.

There is no common ingredient.

There is something about coffee that gives you an aftertaste of things you taste a lot of. I have had this discussion with some people before. My aftertaste is mustard sometimes (because I eat a shitload of yellow mustard on pretty much everything). My buddy could taste cigarettes and he smokes a shitload. One of my stoner friends said coffee's aftertaste was like weed and guess what? he smokes a shitload of weed everyday.

I am no scientist or doctor but I think the coffee brings out residual tastes that are still in your mouth.

They both contain addictive substances, nicotine for cigarettes, and caffeine for coffee. The feeling they give may be the same. But nicotine's addictive strength is more than that of caffeine.

cigarettes contain additives to make them taste a certain way. American spirit company has a huge list of common additives you should check out their Website


both have adictive substances, nicotine and caffine, you are tasting addiction, you want more.

if you touch matt you will eat monkeys


They both contain addiction

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