Can you drink too much water?!

Question: Can you drink too much water?
I love drinking water, its all i drink. I have 6 x 750ml bottles every day. How much should i have? I am i drinking too much or too little, what happens if you drink to much/too little


That is a great amount of water! Keep that habit up!

To answer your question, yes, you can drink too much water but you would have to be drinking gallons of water per day. If you were to do that, your body cells would be like tiny water balloons and would eventually burst due to the outrageous amount of water being pumped into your body. If enough of them burst, you die.

This actually happened to somebody once who thought she could clense her system of cancer naturally with enough water to flush it out. Kind of had the opposite effect there huh?

here is the link to water intoxication…

Be careful not to drink more than a gallon of water daily. Include any kind of pop, fruit drinks, juices, because those are mostly water anyway.
You should know you are drinking lots because you're peeing so dang much.

What happens is that each cell receives water to survive, and if it receives too much water, then the cell membrane, which is kinda like skin to hold it all together, can burst. And if too many burst, then you're in trouble.

As in everything in life, even water needs balance. The "8 glasses of water" we are supposed to have daily? Not true. You need just enough so you aren't feeling thirsty or dry all the time.

Another problem with drinking too much water is that you can actually flush some of your vitamins and needed nutrients out of your body. If you are drinking lots of extra water, it's good to include some gatorade or sports drink like it. It'll add back much of the potassium and other things you need to maintain a good balance.

you are drinking the equiviant of 16 8 oz glasses a day. Pop and other types of drink will make you gain weight. Weird as it sounds, drinking lots of water actually helps you eliminate excess water in your system, makes you less hungry. You can actually drown your kidneys if you over drink, which you are not doing. Not drinking enough will dehydrate you , and if you are missing enough, you will start getting headaches.
Water also gives you energy

The amount you're drinking right now is fine. I wouldn't drink a whole lot more than that in a day, though, or your sodium levels could go dangerously low. But keep up the good work staying hydrated! It will benefit your health for sure.

I am a physician with over 18 years of experience.

This is what I heard from a doctor on Fox News - He says that you only have to drink enough to quench your thirst. He does not believe that you have to drink so much a day. Watch him Sundays on Fox News.

too much, it floods into your lungs or you start vomiting. too little, you get tired, get dry mouth, and then fall over dead. have fun with the experiments

You should drink for a female 10 8oz servings a day. Just stay away from crazy amounts of water. Could be dangerous.

Health class and my mom (nurse)

Water poisoning. Google it.

If you drink more than six gallons, you will die from basically drowning your body.

I never drink water. Fish have sex in it which makes it disgusting as a drink.

always remember to much of anything is not good...

im really glad u like drinkin water but watch out dont drink too much

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