pepsi or coke? or tea or water?!

Question: Pepsi or coke? or tea or water?

Pepsi after walks, Coke with dinner, Tea with breakfast water throughout the day, and occasionally coffee because of it's benefits. I am not a brand loyalist and my taste buds seem to like variety more than consistency. In the summer it varies even more

Me, personally? Tea AND water. No pepsi, no coke. I don't like sugar, and it's not very good for you.

I love tea so much, I even run a tea website, -- I almost always drink my tea unsweetened, too.

But I don't just drink tea, I drink a fair amount of water too.

I love Pepsi because of the updated flavor, if you will. I also really love coke, because of the classical flavor.

Neither Pepsi nor Coke, but I'll have a raspberry iced tea.

Icy cold spring water. Mmmm.
But what really beats anything is COFFEE =)

unsweetened iced tea with lemon wedge please

pepsi, best when bored

water, best when tired

tea, best with some cup cakes

coke, it sucks!!

Unsweetened tea, thanks.

Don't know the difference between pepsi or coke so both. Tea. Chai tea tweeh be more specific.

Pepsi and water :)

Italian coffee



I love Coca Cola and Mountain Dew.

pepsi and water

Water and tea are better for you.

Coke, water

Coke, and plain tea.

deff. pepsi and water =)

coke and tea

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