Best way to make a good iced green tea?!

Question: Best way to make a good iced green tea?
It is my MIL birthday tomorrow and I am making dinner at my house for her and our close family.
She loves green tea(but it has to be a good green tea)this is what I hear her say....
So I would like to make a pitcher of iced green tea with our dinner.Please,I need a good recipe.Thanks:)


if i were to make it. i'd take about 10 green tea bags and steep them all in 2 cups of water that's hot but not boiling. 190 Fahrenheit if you want a thermometer. steep it for about 2 minutes.

take the tea bags out. You can sqeeze them if you want. Next, take the concentrated tea and pour it in a glass pitcher. Add filtered water until it tastes good. Usually you'll have to add about 6-8 cups of water. Next add sugar or sweetener, or you could serve it plain and have the guests add their own sugar.

I would just ask her how she makes it. But, if it's a surprise, then I would look up a recipe. has alot of good recipes. That is where I go when I need a recipe.
I know this wasn't much help, but I don't know anything about green tea OR how your MIL likes it.

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