is it true that if you drink energy drink something will hapen to your growth?!

Question: Is it true that if you drink energy drink something will hapen to your growth?
people say your not supose to energy drinks because it will stunt your growth and i notice im taller then everyone who drinks that stuff (my parent don't let me drink that) every one shrt and they drink energy drinks is that true? i don't think so since there this one boy who drank some when he was in pre-k( i had him for pree-k his mom would bring it to him)
here an example my friend is 5 feet and im somewhere between 5'4 5'6 (growth spurt i guess im taller than my aunt and she 5'4 so i don't know my height)


Caffiene is the main ingredient in energy drinks. Caffiene doesn't actually "stunt your growth", but it does leach the calcium from your bones, and is very bad for infants and fetuses. Taken in enough quantity, it is dangerous for other reasons.

The short is: If you are female, you are way more susceptible to osteoperosis when you are older, and should probably skip caffiene or moderate it's use.

ya, dont drink it. caffine stunts ur growth

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