I've never been to starbucks, help?!

Question: I've never been to starbucks, help?
Well , I've never been to starbucks, and I am going to the states to visit a friend of mine and she was talking about when she picks me up from the airport we will stop at starbuck's and go back to her house. I felt really embarrassed because I've never been before.

So I am a complete newbie, all I get from Tim Horton's is an Iced Capp.
So my questions to you are whats a good frozen drink I can get? If they don't have frozen drinks, whats a good hot drink , preferably in chocolate ;)


There are Starbucks at most of the airports. You can stop at one of those and order something. Frappuccinos are their iced drinks. Try a caramel mocha frapp or order it hot! Go to Starbucks.com for more suggestions.

I recommend a mocha, hot or cold is good, it have chocolate and coffee, really nice flabor fusion, also the caffeine wakes you up after the trip. If not they are very proffesionals and eager to give you advice. Feel free to say reccomend me something... I go there all the time and still ask for recomedations. Btw which state visiting?


Mocha Latte. I get mine with no whip(whipped cream) and no foam. It's strong, sweet, and chocolaty.

Happy Drinking.

i would get a hot or iced chai tea it's a spiced tea with cream and honey very good.

Mocha frappacino is good for newbies :)

Fantastic someone has taste and gives the chains a miss. Go local and better.

that place is overrated and over priced..dont wory about it
there are plenty of choices to choose from

i dont like coffee

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