Need New Coffee Maker?!

Question: Need New Coffee Maker?
My coffee maker is old and is not working well. I now live alone and don't need a full size pot (I've seen smaller ones and was wondering if they work as well


I've seen the ones that make a single cup and was wondering if anyone has one and if it works well

We also don't drink much coffee anymore.
We got a Bunn Coffee maker from Wal Mart, like this one.…

It has a built in water reservoir that always keeps the water inside it hot, so the water coming out when you are making coffee or hot chocolate comes out quickly.

You just put in whatever amount of water when making your coffee and that is just how much you will have coming out.

We use ours to also make Ramen soup, pour in the water and just hold the cup of Ramen under it, the Ramen is almost ready to eat, it just needs to sit for a few minutes.

i have a keurig and it is the BEST! it is quick to make and easy to do and it only make one cup at a time so you are not wasting coffee like in normal coffee makers. If you don't need to drink the entire pot a regular one makes you don't have to its like a coffee shop at home too. the different flavors are great too! if you get one try the donut shop coffee :) its delicious

I googled the same question yesterday. during the process of trying to search the solution I found a way to obtain a free Folgers Gormet Selections product sample containing all of their ground coffee products from my coffee is scheduled to ship in 5 days & i'm so excited I can't wait.

Good luck to ya

I would go with a small 4 cup carafe, All the new and fancy coffe makers with the coffee pods and all that jazz are nifty but in 2 years when the buzz is over and they discontinue those little podsof coffee that you have to use then you will just be stuck with a machine that you can't even really give away

I think some of the newer models work better than the old ones. We have a Black and Decker and like it a lot.

some good brands are bunn and keurig. i'm not sure why you now live alone, but hope you're doing ok.

They do work VERY well!

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