Whats with the coke situation!! HELP?!

Question: Whats with the coke situation!! HELP?
Ok im 12 i think you should know that. Anyways: Ever since i left my middle school after Christmas break, ive been drinking coke. I like coke as a drink every once in awhile, but after i left my school, things turned ugly. I excessively drank around 3 cokes per day. Some days i only drink one, while others i don't drink any (which i get pissed about). I beg my mom to let me have coke everyday.
I know coke has acid which can literally tear chicken off of a chicken leg in a week. Coke is bad. But i cant stop! Recently, (2 weeks ago i think) i have been get horrible xama/rash on both of my arms (between the joints). I itch them raw everyday and they sting like hell. For months i've developed a "stomach". I really dont like having to suck in my stomach everytime i where a swim suite. Im a girl. Im usually not fat, but i am when coke is inside me. My mom is really concerned about me and my health in the future. I cant blame her.
My mamma (gramma, moms mom), drinks coke every morning, lunch, dinner etc. My mom tells me that my mamma had knee surgery and other problems. My mom also tells me that when i get my period, i will have horrible cramps from caffeine, which caffeine also keeps me awake at night. I have about 2 hours laying in bed not being able to sleep from caffeine.
When ever we go out in public (no offense to anyone) we always see belly's hanging out of peoples shorts. Its nasty! I really don't want to be like that from coke.
Someone please tell me what to do about my coke situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks! Sorry its long.


I know exactly what you're going through. When I was around your age I had this same obsession with sodas;coca-cola, root beer, mr. pibb, etc..Eventually however, the gases from the soda built up in me so much that it started putting pressure on my lungs and I eventually had to be hospitalized. Depending on the damage, the doctor said I had a chance of going into surgery. In the end however, I just needed A LOT of water in my system to flush out all the acids and gas. Today I see soda as a treat at the end of the week. I usually have it twice a week and the rest of the time I drink water. You'd be surprised how much better you'd feel after a month off the caffeine. Hope this helps.


Don't drink that mineral water ****. It's made by coca-cola and it's just full of sugar and glucose like the sodapop.

My dear you must learn to cut back or stop. I've been drinking soda for years and it's very hard to quit!
Try to drink only two regular a day and Coke Zero! At least 3 a day only! Then move down. One coke and one coke zero. You have to have will power. I've cut down from almost 8 to four to three. It's working for me slowly.

All soda does this. I recently stopped drinking pop after years of 2 or more a day and the cravings and caffeine withdrawals are very hard to deal with but there are multiple positive things to come grime this. The acid in pop can rot your teeth weaken your bones eat away your stomach lining and increase your chances of future obesity. When you stop all at once you could experience flu symptoms but these wont last long

MINERAL WATER!!!!! I gave up Diet Coke for lent, and at first it was kinda hard so i drank mineral water instead. It'll taste gross at first but it's an acquired taste. Basically all it is is carbonated water with a bit of mineral content. It doesn't have the caramel coloring, which is proven to give people a 60% higher chance of cardiovascular diseases, sugar/aspartame, which have been proven to cause cancer (both do, I mean), and so much acid I used it to shine pennies to decorate my little sister's leprechaun trap. It has carbonated water, which weakens bones, but it's not half as bad. Still, don't drink it excessively. Instead simply down a glass of regular water whenever you want Coke.

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