is this coffee withdrawal?!

Question: Is this coffee withdrawal?
okay i have coffee every single day, i didn't have any today and i feel so tired i can't stop yawning, and i have the most terrible headache, and my eyes feel droopy, i don't think it can be coffee withdrawal though, im only 17, don't only older people get that?


I doubt it. Caffeine addiction is still being debated in the medical community. Yes, lack of caffeine can cause headaches, but caffeine itself can cause headaches (it's a migraine trigger) for some. Most people need caffeine because they don't get enough sleep (studies have shown most Americans get too little sleep).

At your age you need the most sleep you'll need in your life, but are most likely to get only half as much due to studying, partying, or computer/video game related activities. Excedrin will help with the headache (it has caffeine as well), but the rest can be solved with a good night's sleep. Exhaustion also can cause headaches and difficulty concentrating.

Yes it is withdrawal, you'r body it use to the caffine you put into it.. So if you don't drink it then you@ body won't work right.

no anyone who drinks coffee on a regular basis gets caffeine withdrawal and yep sounds like that's what it is

it might be caffeine withdrawal in general. take a nap and you might feel better.

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