whats do you like better pepsi or coke?!

Question: Whats do you like better pepsi or coke?
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Funny but true!
Pepsi or Coke tastes differently from country to country.
It usually depends on the water they use and the kind of sugar they use.
In some places, Coke tastes better, but in other countries Pepsi tastes better!!
If they use spring water, the taste is nice. Or if they use pure sugar cane , the taste is wonderful!

Pepsi of course

But for every pepsi person there is a coke person it's Similar to the "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop" Nobody will ever really know the real answer.

This is one those Losing battle questions.

I like more pepsi because pepsi was made to make concurrence to coca cola but pepsi more tastier than coca cola it was proven

I like coke rather than pepsi because it tastes more refreshing than pepsi.


Coke is more original ... However pepsi tastes nicer in my mouth (just my opinion)





u like it..


Coke tastes much better to me!


My friend says he likes Coke but I love Pepsi!


coke is best but I'll drink whatever

pepsi has more taste :D

coke, pepsi is too like frofy? lol

they both taste the same :)

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