Where did your water break?!

Question: Where did your water break?
i plan on working up untill the last day of my pregnancy, but im nervous my water will break at work, where were you when your water broke, did you drive yourself to the hospital? 39 weeks along., did contractions come first? ugh how will I know?


my water broke when i was 35 weeks pregnant. i got up to pee while my husband was showering and getting ready for work i took one step into the restroom and my water broke.

it's actually kind of funny tho. i told him babe my water broke and he was just like shut up

and i said i was serious and all he said was well get in the shower with me that's gross


My water broke 9 days before my son was due...ironically it broke in his room! I did not drive to the hosiptal, but I was completley fine for a good two hours before the hurting contractions through...every pregnancy is very different some are fast labor some or slow unfortunatley though my water broke at 6 in the morning he did not come til 9:39 that night!

I honestly wouldnt recommend you drive because your mind is going to go a mile a minute and you dont want to hurt yourself or your baby.

Not the best catagory for this questions. Mine broke at the hospital a few hours into labor. Happy pushing.

My mother was at home with me when her water broke. She was sleeping and kept getting up to use the bathroom. Then it really broke, so luckily she was in the bathroom.

I was in labor for several hours both times before mine broke.

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