what do you put into your coffee?!

Question: What do you put into your coffee?
a) sugar
b) milk / cream
c) B+A
d) Double C
e) Black


C) I cannot stand it being black. I think I have a low tolerance or something....Haha! How about you?

I don't drink coffee that often though.

D) I put a bunch of sugar and I don't mind milk, not-fat or 1-2% is good. I like it sweet. I could do without the cream/milk but prefer it.
Just had coffee this morning yay. I don't drink it everyday but I could and want to.

i ****** love coffee, i either drink it black, or with milk, i hate it if it's to sweet i have to taste the coffee in my drink

Coffee Drinker

B. I hate when it's too sweet .. sometimes I will add a scoop of ice-cream though. It makes it not so scorching hot, and it makes it creamy and adds flavor.

F) All of the above at different times. I can't abide artificial sweeteners or non-dairy creamers of any sort and sometimes I'm partial to a shot of whiskey.

(B) usually, and occasionally (F) with a shot or two of Bailey's Irish Cream :D

Espresso addict :)


also one ice cube

choice b and sometimes e.

Just a little half and half.

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