Why did my diet coke fizz up when I added maraschino cherry juice to it?!

Question: Why did my diet coke fizz up when I added maraschino cherry juice to it?
I had some maraschino cherry juice left over in the jar, didn't want to waste it, and decided to make my own cherry coke with my bottle of diet coke. When I initially did this, the diet coke started fizzing up and out of the bottle! After a few seconds, it calmed down and now tastes great! Any ideas as to why this happened?


I did the same thing at a friends house!!! It tastes better than the cherry coke in the bottle!!!! Anyways, it happens because of the carbonation, if you add ice or anything for that matter it will fizz up, if it doesn't fizz up and it has been sitting out it might not taste as well and that's because all the carbonation has left the bottle, that's why people say to put the cap on tight, it carbonates the soda.

Any soda will fizz up when you add ANYTHING to it. It's not just cherry juice. It's because soda pop is made with carbonated water, and the carbonation reacts to anything that is added to it.

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