Is it ok to go on a water fast for 3 days? is that really unhealthy?!

Question: Is it ok to go on a water fast for 3 days? is that really unhealthy?
im 18, 5'6.5,120lbs


Why do you want to do this? Some people fast for religious reasons, but there is no sound scientific reason for human beings to fast. It slows your metabolism and makes you feel sluggish and tired. People telling you it's ok if you drink juice are wrong. Juice is not the whole fruit, therefore you lose most of the nutritional value and mostly get concentrated sugars which is not ideal if you're looking to improve your health. The best way to detox? It is to cut out meats, dairy and processed foods and eat healthy whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

No, three days wouldn't hurt you. As long as you drink other juices and drinks to make up for it. If you don't then you could get sick, especially if you don't eat food with the correct nutrients. And only if it's for three days.

No it's not unhealthy if you are already healthy & prepared.

You should never just go "cold turkey" onto a fast. Your body needs time to prepare.
Are you looking to detox? or lose weight?

Water is the one thing you should never cut out of your diet.

Uh... Yeah... Duh!!!

why would you do this? experiment? its not worth it, really

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