Is one coca cola a day still bad?!

Question: Is one coca cola a day still bad?
What about once in a while....I kno if u over use it it can be bad for ur health


There are around 150 calories in each coca cola, if you are an adult, you should be eating around 1 200-1 500 calories a day. so one coa cola isnt that bad for one day if you eat healthy meals. but i do not suggest drinking 1 coca cola a day. even though there is only 150 calories in it you have to take accountent of the amount of sugar in it ect.... too much could elad to something like diabities. so i say you should cut down on it. also make sure you are able to burn off the calories! in general, 1 coca cola isnt bad for you. but when you think in the long run, it is.

one cola a day is not good for you. it would be best to eliminate it completely, but evrey so often is the best if you must have it. and also, the diet ones are actually worse for you because they have artificial sweetener and other worse ingredients than a soda with actual calories.

Of course it is. It's pure sugar, people. Saying it's not going to hurt you is ridiculous. You are what you eat.

If you drink a pop once a day you will pack on 6 ibs a year.

No, a cola or two a day isn't bad for you.

It don't have any benefits, but still it cannot hurt.

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