What's a good age to start drinking coffee?!

Question: What's a good age to start drinking coffee?
I am 13, and I want to start. It's NOT because it wakes me up, (actually, coffee has no effect on me) but because the awesome flavor would really give me a nice boost in the morning. Should I start doing it regularly? Why or why not? please provide a source, if there is one!


There is no "good age" becaue it varies person to person. Drink some coffee now and see how your body tolerates it. If you start to get jittery/anxious after just one cup, then you might want to wait a few more years.

If you do want to drink coffee, try lowering your caffeine intakes by drinking decaffeinated or healthier brands. If I look back on it, my grandma is weird...everytime i spent the night at her house, she gave me coffee in the morning starting when I was 6 :D

I'm 13. Coffee in the morning sounds good now :)

I was 31 when I started drinking coffee.

Most kids get caffeine from the soft drinks they ingest.

This article, though lengthy, seems pretty honest.

It is an addictive drug. Keep that in mind.


I started at about 12.

Try iced coffee.

good recipe is

1/4 cup of coffee
1 cup of milk
2 drops of vanilla essence
A scoop of icecream
Whipped cream to top with.

Mix all but whipped cream together then put whipped cream on top.

YUM! ;)

Try around 20 years old. I tried about 4 years old and I was like...urrgh! My dad said I'd like it when I would turn around 20 years old.

My dad's advise

55. You can start drinking decaf if you want brown teeth.

My mother took me out for my first cup of joe around 13, I didn't care for it much and 5 years later im not an addictive drinker but every once and awhile I enjoy a french vanilla something or other. ;D

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