Are plastic cups bad for drinking coffee?!

Question: Are plastic cups bad for drinking coffee?
I usually drink from a mug or glass cup, but i saw a really cute plastic coffee cup in a store and i wanted to buy it, but someone told me that plastic was actually really bad for hot liquids as over a while, the plastic can melt into your drink. is this true? im not talking about a disposable plastic cup, but something like this.…
or similar.


actually they are! When you put hot drinks in them, they release toxic chemicals into your drink. The plastic does melt! dont waste your money on it, its very very very harmful to you. Hope this helps!!!

Yeah, it's true that the plastic eventually leaches into the drink.

In fact, even with cold liquids (such as a bottle of mineral water or coke), over time the plastic leaches into the liquid.

BUT, and I'm an overly obsessive vegan, I'd say that if you really like it, don't worry too much- too be honest the coffee is probably the one that'll kill you if anything!

Seriously, compared to pesticides in food, polluted air in cities, etc., it's not something I'd invest too much time in worrying about. It depends on the type of person you are as to whether you can get past the idea or not; just make sure you don't end up like Howard Hughes and start seeing germs everywhere...

I just actually looked at your chosen cup- AVOID AVOID AVOID, for the love of God...

Usually People don't take coffee in plastic cup but there is no such thing bad drinking in a plastic cup. Using a ceramic or clay cup is better for hot coffee. It will keep your coffee hot for longer and taste good and feel good.

anything hot could potentially melt plastic and make it leech chemicals. unless it's safe for coffee, then i'd disregard it.

I always burn my fingers on plastic cups
but I too have heard that some sort of chemical
seeps out of the plastic

I think they are.

yes they can be if you re-use them

nah man

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