How to make butetrmilk at home?!

Question: How to make butetrmilk at home?

As i've digestive problem (acidity), someone reccomended me to take ButterMilk.
Here , where i'm living , can't buy this product.

Some know how to make ButterMilk at home ??? if possible obviously..

I don't speak english ..but speak punjabi perfectaly..



you have to first purchase a can or pack of yogurt available in markets easily..then add 4 times of water in it in a vessel and churn it with a will turn into white thin liquid which is known as buttermilk..the yogurt should not be sour in taste as u hav acidity will enhance tht problem so yogurt should have blend can be preserved in fridge if more in quantity..

routine work in indian homes..

I think butter milk has special cultures in it. You would first have to get those. kind of like how some yogurt is made. I have also seen dry buttermilk. that may be something to try.

Take dahi and churn (turn) it in the mixi.Remove the butter that appears on the surface and you have

buttermilk (chaach)

All you need is one tablespoon of white vinegar to one cup of regular milk. Let it set about five minutes, then use or drink the way you want.

you dont speak english,...but you can read & write it very well ??

may you can get what you want from that blog

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