Is tea better than coffee for you?!

Question: Is tea better than coffee for you?
So I LOVE starbucks, and I work there, so I always have their drinks... but I'm trying to lose weight and I go there so much so I was thinking about switching to teas (without milk or sugar just black tea). Is this healthy? I like their zen (green) tea and chai.


There's a fair amount of evidence that tea is healthier than coffee, in a variety of ways. The main reasons are that it has less caffeine, and is less acidic. I recently wrote a page about switching from coffee to tea, which talks about the health advantages of making the switch, and also gives you a few ideas of teas to start with:…

Will tea help you lose weight? Probably not very much. However, if you're drinking coffee with sugar and you find that you're able to drink tea straight, this will definitely cut back the calories. There is limited evidence that tea actually helps people lose weight, but it certainly doesn't hurt. I have a page reviewing the scientific evidence about this here:…

I'd encourage you to try all the Tazo teas if you haven't already, and, if you drink tea anywhere besides Starbucks, to try some other tea companies as well. Some of Tazo's teas are quite good, but I think there are better options out there if you look around, especially if you find loose-leaf teas (although Tazo recently changed to whole-leaf sachet's which is a big increase in quality).


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Good luck to ya

The calories in a Starbucks coffee isn't the coffee itself, it's all the sugar and sweetners that are added.
Neither black coffee or black tea don't have a lot of calories

definitely yes

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