Another Starbucks Question...?!

Question: Another Starbucks Question...?
Just answered a starbucks question and it got me thinking. I love the non fat caramel macchiato... but I find it a bit on the sweet side. Is there a way to order it half sweetened? May be a dumb question to some but I'm serious so no lame answers please.



The Caramel Macchiato comes with Vanilla syrup on the inside and Caramel Drizzle on top. Chances are, it is the delicious Caramel Drizzle that is making it too sweet, considering the Macchiatos already come with one less pump than the regular lattes. So...

Three Seperate Suggestion:
1) Ask for half the pumps. tall = 1, grande = 1.5, venti = 2 (assuming it was hot)
2) Ask for light caramel drizzle
3) ALWAYS talk to your Baristas, they can make it exactly how you want it, and won't stop until you are completely satisfied!

Starbucks Barista, yours truly

You can. Ask them to halve the syrup(this will dilute the flavor a bit but is still palatable with a decent level of sweetness. For example, when they add syrups to a tall size, they usually add two pumps and I ask for a single pump. I do it every time and it turns out just perfect.

Do not ask for the sugar free versions, these are as sweet as the regular ones, just that they use aspartame substitutes.

A regular low sweetened version Starbucks drinker :)

the macchiato has both caramel sauce and vanilla syrup. you can get it "skinny" and they will make it with nonfat milk and sugar-free vanilla. the caramel doesn't come sugar-free (darn!) you can tell them how many pumps of syrup you want - that will change the sweetness. I think tall drinks have two pumps of syrup, but I'm not positive.

I know they have sugar-free vanilla flavor--ask if they have sugar-free caramel flavor. The caramel comes from caramel-flavored syrup.

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