Is it a diet if i eat donuts with my DIET soda?!

Question: Is it a diet if i eat donuts with my DIET soda?
it is a diet soda with it so does it coutns as a diet right? I think it does but im not sure. please let me know if you actually know the truth about this.


Define diet - it's what you eat. But if you want to lose weight, tucking into a lump of carbs that's been deep-fried in oil and covered in sugar probably isn't the best way to go about it.

First off, it doesn't matter if the soda is diet or not, it's still full of sugar and bad stuff. So don't drink soda. Secondly, if you are going to eat a donut, eat a baked one or a wheat one (yes, they exist). Just cut out soda completely if you are on a diet unless you treat yourself here and there.

For you to eat donuts and drink soda while on a diet, you'd need to eat diet donuts AND drink diet soda.

But, I don't think diet donuts even exist. I guess you could twist an asparagus into a round shape and call it one.

A donut is certainly not a diet food. If you must have a donut, choose a baked donut rather than a fried one. The diet soda gives you no nutrition, just something to drink.

Your diet is what you eat so this could very on what YOUR Definition is. If you are trying to lose weight then no do not eat donuts or soda. Diet soda gives you a higher risk of cancer just to let you know.

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The only way it would be a diet is if you cut down on the number of donuts. If you usually eat 6 donuts it would be a diet if you cut back to 4 or 5. You could also eat Pop Tarts instead of donuts.

That's not even a diet. Donuts are ridiculously bad for you and diet soda is actually worse than regular soda. Are you on a Get Fat diet?

I dont't think so - it still has a ton of sugar in it

Also aspartame, which is the sweetener in diet soda has been known to cause cancer


Anything that you consume is your diet. Even if it is chilled monkey brains and asparagus.

no donuts are THE WORST thing you could ever eat....there is NO nutritional value whatsoever

No it doesn't and if your on a diet drink water not soda

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