i accidently drank a mouthful of bleach thinking that it was water. what do i do?!

Question: I accidently drank a mouthful of bleach thinking that it was water. what do i do?

Whatever you do don't throw up it may do more harm coming back up than it did going down. Drink milk instead of water if you have it if not drink water. If you drank a lot which you should not because bleach taste nothing like water then you should go to the emergency room.

eat tums drink lots of water and milk call poison control center immediately don't panic if a doctor is close go to a doctor


First u need to turn your mouth red again. Drink some red dye, perhaps mix in some pink.
Then, to remove the taste eat some tic tacs, and drink some milk

Call poison control immediately. The number in the US is 1-800-222-1222.

Call poison control emergency numbers or the hospital/doctor right now!!!!!!! And drink milk

Drink milk - counteracts the bleach. Any problems, phone your dr. Mxx

Is your nose broken?? How the hell do you confuse bleach with water?!!?!?

Call the number on the bottle.

call poisonous control or 911!!!!


Call poison control...rinse your mouth out with water and drink tons of water!!!

911 poison control any of those. and hurry.


well first you should call 911!!!!!!!

Do you live in the US or UK?

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