what do you like best? coca-cola or pepsi?!

Question: What do you like best? coca-cola or pepsi?

When blind-folded; most people prefer Pepsi, but when seeing the product and then tasting, most liked the taste of coca-cola better.

This is not wrong, as two different parts of the brain are on the job to determine if you like Pepsi or coke during the two different tasks. When seeing what you drink, the frontal cortex, which is occupied with among other "reason", is deciding for you, whereas when you are blindfolded it is the taste-center lying deeper in the brain decides which was better.

Thus another example of how important branding is, if you want to sell more product.. people get "fooled" into believing what they like better. So, Hallelujah for coke cola campaigns. (And all the other lifestyle brands..)

I buy the one that is on sale.. :) (But sadly I too more often buy coca cola.. it's just cooler!!)

Coca-cola. It just tastes a lot sweeter to me, some people don't even taste the difference but yeah, just my own preference. :)

I used to lean Coca-Cola before I stopped drinking soda.

I like pepsi compared to coca-cola

I live in coke country(Atlanta) so no one here likes Pepsi

coca-cola! pepsi taste like syrup!


Dr. Pepper


I like a pepsi.

Pepsi is my best.

COKE! pepsi's too sweet for me


pepsi , coke makes my mouth feel weird

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