Coke or Pepsi, what's better?!

Question: Coke or Pepsi, what's better?
What's better and why?


Coke.It's the best drink to me.


Neither. They are loaded with sugar, sodium, phosphates, and other chemicals.

Drink water.

If you have to drink a soda, choose one without phosphates so you're not stripping the calcium out of your bones. Drink something pale or clear, like ginger ale or 7 Up or Sprite for example.

My favourite? Sparkling lemonade.

I like the taste of Pepsi better, but I think most people prefer Coke. To me, Pepsi just tastes better, Coke has a weird after taste to me.

Coke. Yum. I like the taste of it. Anyways, Pepsi is really badder for your teeth and you.

I prefer the taste of coke over pepsi,. pepsi leaves like a strange sweet after taste. I'd drink both, but i would much rather have coke because it has a better taste to me

Pepsi by far! Coke feels thick to me (sounds weird but it's the best way I can describe it).

Pepsi. Coke is nasty, unless it from the fountain.

coke snm...
it's just lush!


Coke, hands down.

child please, pepsi<3

uh none

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