Which one do you prefer most, tap water or the classic mineral water?!

Question: Which one do you prefer most, tap water or the classic mineral water?
I have to go with tap water. Some mineral water's are good, but not always. I like some tap water, i just dont like the one they have in London, it tastes as if it has just been cleaned out but not cleaned out thoroughly. Which one do you prefer most? Tap water? Or mineral water?

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i prefer mineral. I trust the brands

I like both.....

but you have to be careful drinking water from the tap from untrusted sources. So Just to be safe....you should buy bottled water, have a water purifier with you, or try other brands of mineral water. Look for Italian mineral water in London. They should have it! And you might like it. I really enjoy Italian mineral water. It's like a luxury item to me! :P

S.Pellegrino is a really good brand of mineral water from Italy....check it out. Hope I helped...

tap water, in our city, its so full of so many things, it tastes like a meal..yum!

also in our city, the water is rated as having high levels of not just cocaine, and crack in it, but those drugs that mental patients take too.. its like a tonic!!

Tap water for me

the tap water at my house tastes sweet so i like it

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