Will cutting out soda alone cut out some weight?!

Question: Will cutting out soda alone cut out some weight?
I have been drinking up to 4 or 5 Dr. Peppers a day. I think I am a bit addicted. If I cut them out and drink only water will some weight come off?


yes, about 5 lbs the first week, watch out for the caffeine headache..,...........

It depends. Soda alone won't make you gain weight, since it has very little fat in it. If you're eating crap in addition to the sodas, then you'll just keep putting on weight, just a little bit slower.

What soda does is adds sugar and caffeine to your bloodstream. When your body needs energy, it automatically burns these easily accessible forms of energy and stores the fat, which is harder to turn into energy, for later.

Cutting out soda will cause your body to burn fat for energy instead of sugar and caffeine, so if you're eating sensibly, you will start to lose weight.

Unless you replace the soda with some other sugar/caffeinated product.

It could for sure. Soda packs a lot of sugar and sodium. Add a little exercise and it could help a lot.


You could possibly lose some weight by cutting out the pop and just drinking water, but if you eat something in place of the pop you might not lose anything at all

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