Coke or Pepsi? Is there really a difference?!

Question: Coke or Pepsi? Is there really a difference?
SO I remember watching this video a few years back where they blindfolded kids who were both Coke and Pepsi fans and had them taste them without knowing which is which, and tell them which one was their favorite. And with an added twist, they threw in an RC Cola. Of course, most of the kids got it wrong. So out of curiosity, is there really a difference between the two to you? I personally like Coke better.


From memory I always found Pepsi to be sweeter and Coke to be more Acidic. Don't really drink either any longer, the last time I drank a Coke (which was my favorite of the two) I couldn't finish it, realized how much I just don't care for cola flavor in any way.

There are some websites that claim that Pepsi has substances that contain traces of alcohol, but I'm not sure if they're scientifically accurate.
Also, in my opinion, Pepsi tastes a bit more bitter than Coke.

Yes, there is a big difference:
1. two different companies.
2. Pepsi is sweeter than coke.
btw, i like pepsi more (cuz its sweeter).

Honestly, no big difference, only slightly in the taste. The reason why its always coke vs. pepsi is because they're so similar!

Yes, there is a difference. Coke is better.

well yes there is a slight difference which some can find out and others cant.. i guess pepsi is sweeter and coke has more zing! :)
i prefer coke any day

Yeah I can definitely taste the difference between the two. I prefer Coke or pepsi any day!

Coke seems more carbonated to me, and Pepsi and sweeter.

I prefer Pepsi, Pepsi is sweeter than coke in my opinion.

yeah they taste differnt to me. Coke seems more spicy to me.

I think that coke taste of feet :L
I like pepsi alot more as it's sweeter! (L)

Different companies
BTW I hate pop

i think they taste exactly the same! but, i don't drink them hardly ever.

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