What is more healthier? chocolate milk or white milk? 10 points.?!

Question: What is more healthier? chocolate milk or white milk? 10 points.?
Like what is more healthier to drink to grow taller.
A regular glass of milk which I think taste bad or..
Chocolate milk or even strawberry.


Milk has calcium in it whether it's chocolate or plain or strawberry milk. So drink up, whatever tastes good to you; also, though, avoid too many whole milk or high percent milks, cuz then you can get fat instead of tall. :)

The best milk is milk that is drunk or obtained from milking cows. Without any mixture of materials. Except if you do not like the taste of vanilla or plain, you can boil the milk and then added a few tablespoons of black coffee when boiled, it will create a sense of milk such as coffee milk, but a way to cook a good and without harmful chemicals such as preservatives or artificial flavorings.
I like that way because i don't like the original milk. So I can drink a glass of milk with the taste of coffee milk and without any chemical materials

my real experience

actually it depends what kind of milk! like chocolate milk can be 1% and white milk can be 2% which leads to more fat.
Like if your using nesquik syrup or like use powder, then plain white milk is better! But if you think white milk taste bad, then just drink strawberry or chocolate flavoured one and just use 1% milk. Drink whatever you want. You just need the nutrients that comes from milk! It doesn't really matter.

Regular milk is better for you, but chocolate milk tastes better and is still healthy for you!!! So you can drink chocolate or strawberry milk but not to much! You dont want to get sick:)

Regular milk. not having the chocolate or anything else means no sugar added.

"white" milk, dummy.

White milk is more healthier but i like the strawberry one.,

White, less sugar

white milk

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