What is the best coffee on the market?!

Question: What is the best coffee on the market?

In this case....it all depends on the person....

If you like strong coffee.....Starbucks has awesome varieties of coffee.

If you like medium tasting coffee......Dunkin Donuts has the best coffee that isn't overpoweringly strong!

If you like weak coffee.....When I went to visit Costa Rica...they said that their coffee isn't strong and was meant to be weak because most Ticos (nickname for Costa Ricans) like their coffee weak.

A coffee that has Always made me happy and never disappointed me is Nicaraguan Coffee......it's like perfect. Also Arabica coffee is probably the best tasting coffee bean out there.......it is also the most commercially sold coffee bean.

oh jeez....look it that....I am ranting again.....lol Well hope I helped

3 years working at Dunkin Donuts (coffee shop)

Instant coffee

caribou coffee, its delicious!

the brand you like to drink, whether it is the cheapest of the dearest

As far as ive had? Starbucks.

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