Dose anyone still make their ice tea like this?!

Question: Dose anyone still make their ice tea like this?
I was at my friends house over the weeken and she asked me if I could make some ice tea and I got out one of her pots and put some water in it and put it on the stove and then a few of her husbands friends came in and asked me what am I cooking and I told them Ice tea and one of them told me that he thought his Grandmother was the only one who made Ice tea like that.


Is there a different way? I guess they must mean those instant powders. I hope not many people have iced tea that way.
I'm even partial to brewing it in a ceramic pot rather than a metal one. Even that makes a difference in taste.

of course. Consider the source when it comes to things like this. He's probably a bachelor so he either doesn't make tea or uses the instant mixes or the new cold brew. The absolute best tea is the kind that you let the sun do all the work. Just sit it outside, in a closed container of course and let the sun heat the water, it takes a while but, best tea ever.

yep. they do.

My family makes it like this and puts a ton of sugar in it and you dilute it with water when it cools. Called "sweet tea"-- grandma used to say you would sink if you swam after drinking it.

My family still makes tea like this on a fairly regular basis.

everryone i know dose it that way

Yes.That is how it is done down south!

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