is black coffee good for you all the time?!

Question: Is black coffee good for you all the time?
im 16, and i have a caffeine addiction, but who doesnt?. i drink like 3-4 cups of coffee per day.... just black. nothing in it but maybe some ice to cool it down a bit. but only like 2 pieces.

is this healthy?


I drink about 3 mugs of instant coffee everyday, but recently I've been using less powder, this way I'm consuming less caffeine. So I'm gradually getting rid of the addiction. Then I start drinkin less mugs a day. This way, no withdrawal symptoms. You don't have to do it cold turkey ;)
But if you get migraines without coffee... I seriously think you should see a doc =/
If they're really caused by smaller amounts of caffeine, then that's a real problem ppl over the internet can't help with...

im 13 almost 14. i do health at school. caffeine is a serious drug. although it is legal. it is an addiction. its bad for you and rots your teeth. a little isnt bad. are drugs good for you? no dont think so.

Its very low in calories and loaded with antioxidants. If you must have caffeine this is probably the healthiest way to consume it.

Coffee in itself isn't very healthy anyways.

if you get headaches are addicted to it.

people forget that there are lots of antioxydants in coffee !

Dude I don't know.

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