Coffee machines that makes lots of drinks?!

Question: Coffee machines that makes lots of drinks?
I am thinking of buying my first coffee machine, but in the item descriptions it says:

"Tassimo unique brewing system prepares a range of freshly brewed coffees; cappuccino, latte, macchiato, espresso, filter coffee, cafe crema and also makes hot chocolate or tea".…

How does it do that? Do you put the coffee beans/cocoa powder into different compartments and then have the option of choosing which to make?


Tassimo uses special "disks" which are pre-made plastic cups that are designed to fit into the machine, and are filled with coffee, tea, cocoa, or milk. The disks have a bar-code pre-printed on each disk that the machine reads to determine how much hot water and at what pressure to send through each disk to make your beverage. The system works remarkably well, especially for espresso drinks. The drawbacks are: you can only use disks manufactured by Tassimo, but they come pre-filled with various brands of coffees or teas, including Starbucks; to make an espresso drink with milk, like a cappuccino, you have to use two disks, and run them through the machine one at a time (One for the espresso, the other for the steamed milk). Tassimo is only making whole-milk milk disks at the moment, though, so if you like non-fat lattes or soy-milk lattes, you'll have to steam and froth your milk some other way.

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