Is black coffee good for me?!

Question: Is black coffee good for me?
Every morning, I drink three or four cups of black coffee with nothing in it. Is it true that coffee is good for me, in moderation? (I am a 39-year-old female).


I guess reducing the chances of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Type II diabetes, certain cancers, healing minor liver damage from cirrhosis, and having ore antioxidants than any other natural drink (about 4x as many as tea) is considered minor benefits.

That being said, if it's regular that's probably more caffeine than you need and is a good indicator that you're not getting enough sleep. All the health benefits are also in decaf and quality decaf tastes as good as regular. Caffeine takes longer to clear out of a woman's system so it's possible that so much coffee could actually make it harder to get a good nights sleep. Try decaf or 50/50 reg/decaf to see if you like the taste and if you sleep better as well.

I roast my own beans and have seven ways to brew coffee. Having my second cup right now.

Bad Things about Coffee:
1.Coffee stains your teeth a yellow color and makes your breath smell
2. Coffee is known to raise stress levels which causes slight shaking
3. It raises your blood pressure, increasing the chance of a heart attack
4. Caffiene irritates the lining of the stomach

But coffee reduces the risk of prostate cancer and thats about it.

3 or 4 cups a day is a bit much. Coffee has only minimal health benefits.

It's better than white coffee and a small amount's good for you. Not too much though.

no it's not true

yes. i like it so much .

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