How to talk my mom into buying me an energy drink? 10 points?!

Question: How to talk my mom into buying me an energy drink? 10 points?
I love monster, but my mom does not allow me to have energy drinks she's scared that ill get cardiac aresset or somthing she also dosnt want my blood pressure to raise, but I know a lot of people at my school who drink it at lunch at school everyday and its caffine not alcohol and I know a lot of people who drink energy drinks and its legel because its not alcohol its unfair and my mom treats me like a baby like I don't see what the big deal is she refuses to buy it and acts like its alcohol or somthing how do I convince her to let me drink them I'm sick of being treated like a baby... p.s. she's not strict with me and she barley yells at me she's very easy going and can be talked into things easy but wheb it comes to caffine, or anything that's not natrual she becomes a cop I can't even have soda...! Wtf? Helpp 10 points


They are really bad for you,but if you still want one,just buy it secretly or ask a friend to buy it for you.why do you care of what your mom thinks

Hate to say this, but she is right. Energy drinks have been proven to cause strokes, not to mention they are TERRIBLE for you.

Put it into the shopping cart and hope she does not notice.

ur S.O.L...... she probably wont budge.

been there

Too bad for you...I let my kid drink energy drinks twice a day and he's 5.

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