Is there a difference between coke and coca-cola?!

Question: Is there a difference between coke and coca-cola?
hi guys,My mom has been bugging me that coke and coca-cola are the same but we did a taste test and i can tell which is which is there a difference in the flavor?


no difference, if you're drinking them out of different containers they may taste different.. but if there in the same packaging they are the same. (glass bottles vs cans)

Coke and Coca-Cola are the same thing. Coca-cola is the brand. Their product is called Coca-Cola, but more often than not people just call it Coke. There may be a difference in taste if you are drinking from one glass that has Coca-Cola Coke in it and another glass that has a grocery store's brand of coke in it.

umm i thiinnkkkk it might be a different recipe...i think....not a hundred percent sure

No Coke was the original name before the changed it to Coca-Cola

There is no difference, some people don't bother to say coca cola so they just nickname it coke.

I don't think so.


there's not really much just a lil different flavor

I was pretty sure they were the same drink....unless your talking about coke the drug...haha :D



yes. one you snort the other you drink.

BIG difference.

i think only the creators know that.. but who knows.

Nothing, there the same!

Maybe Coke is the modern version of Coca Cola?

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