coconut oil ? fact or fiction?.....?!

Question: Coconut oil ? fact or fiction?.....?
i heard alot about coconut oil? so i started using it in my cooking ,taking teaspoon full during the day ma-by twice out of the day? to control blood sugar, but i went to the Dr's. today he said to stop taking it be for i gain weight, this coconut oil is suppose to make you lose weight what is he talking about every time i get up in the morning, i take a teaspoon full of the organic coconut oil then after i eat my breakfast i have to move my bowls,this is what i want ,,right? should use the coconut oil or does it make you gain weight?? need to know ,,i just think my dr. thinks that oil is fattening, thanks!


Oil IS fattening because OIL IS FAT. Coconut oil is the FAT that is extracted from coconuts. Because it is 100% FAT, it is very high in calories which will make you gain weight. This is very, very, very basic science.

That being said, coconut oil is a healthy fat. Most healthy fats are unsaturated, but coconut oil is saturated fat. So it's not as good for you as, say, avocado or walnuts. But coconut oil contains high levels of lauric acid, a component found in breast milk thought to boost your immune system. It's also great as a moisturizer for your skin and hair because of its chemical makeup, and unlike many oils it absorbs quickly and totally into the skin. The lauric acid and other medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil also have antifungal properties.

The other thing about fats is that they keep you full. If you eat good fats in moderation, they can help you lose weight by stopping you from overeating.

These are the reasons why coconut oil is considered healthy.

But you cannot discount how high in calories coconut oil is. If you're eating a lot of it and expecting it to magically make you get healthy and lose weight without making any significant changes to your diet or exercise routines, you're going to gain weight because all you're doing is ingesting loads of calories.

If you want to spend your calories on a good fat like coconut oil, you have to change your diet in other ways. Your doctor is clearly worried that your caloric intake is too high, or he wouldn't be telling you to tone it down with the LITERALLY EATING A SPOONFUL OF PURE FAT EVERYDAY. He is a doctor. Listen to him.

Edit: P.S. Why would coconut oil control your blood sugar? If you are diabetic or prediabetic you need to stop trusting hokey "alternative medicine" theories about what can keep your blood sugar down and do what works - eat complex carbs, not simple carbs, don't eat a lot of them, drink your water and get your exercise. Or you will die. Diabetes isn't to be taken lightly and it's not something you look up home cures for on the internet.

Fact coconut oil is very good for the use of cooking the natural ingredients make ur food taste better and u healthier

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